Um. So I’m probably one of the few folks who doesn’t think this is adorable. At all.

I think it’s fucking scary how this little boy keep pushing himself on her after she CLEARLY doesn’t want to be bothered with his ass.

And the adult behind the camera doesn’t intervene at all because it’s ‘cute.’

And how analogous it is to when grown ass men don’t take fucking no for an answer, no matter how much we push and shove and say no.

This is not cute. This is an absolute disregard of this little girl’s boundaries.

In the very bottom left gif you can see he’s smiling/laughing. Like this is some kind of game.

I would bet money that the person filming this is laughing and encouraging him.

This is how we teach boys not to respect women’s spaces.

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Watermelon hand picked by the kids!  (at caravoniva) High-res

Watermelon hand picked by the kids! (at caravoniva)


I’ve been thinking about “polar night” and darkness. Here where i live, in southern finland, the day lasts for about 6 hours at the moment. I think its way too short and i really miss the sun and brightness. I find it hard to imagine that in the most northernmost part of finland the sun wont rise above the horizon at all, until next time in the middle of january. It will be dark there for almost two months… Only the moon and the reflection of white snow will bring some brightness.

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